Innovations and Developments of food cans

Mechanization and automation in food packaging Lageen

To meet the high quality requirements of the Israeli market and exports (partly directly and partly indirectly) Lageen Food Packaging company uses advanced
technologies that enable to manufacture the package economically
The production floor layout ​​in Lageen Food Packaging is largely automated ,allowing rapid industrial production and quality of the lids and cans

All lines  are integrated into production control systems that include welding monitors, cameras and visual inspections to check the quality of the Products.

Lageen production machines are mainly supplied by the leading European companies for the manufacture of food cans.

Lageen Food Packaging company manufactures cans with two main technologies :

Cans in three pieces
The structure of the 3 piece can consists of the bottom end, body and the lid ( usually closed by the client after filling) 
These cans are used for packing vegetables, coffee , colors, chemicals and more.


Cans in two pieces
The structure of body and lid form one unit and the lid is closed by the client after filling.

In this case, the technology uses presses to draw the can.(DRD)  

These cans are used for packing fish and spreads.


Proactive and adapting the product to meet customer needs 

Body responsible for development issues including marketing a can alongside people of all engineering technology, production and procurement .

These factors , as well as leading technical people from the production departments are being updated on Advances in automation and technology in the world through visitsto exhibitions and factories in the world ( especially in Europe ), and by membership in the IPA

(International Packaging Association) World unites 15 companies from around the world, engaged in the manufacture boxes


Stock and the Israeli market and the surrounding area is relatively limited global markets , should also answers technical / technology to be matched. Lageen's marketing people , accompanie

d by technological and engineering responsible for presenting solutions for the customer , which will result in product innovation and customer , while maintaining the quality and economic logic - create.

A can feel and are aware of the plight client struggling rival networks on the shelves , and we know offer Win Win ways to lower overall ingredients and product improvements and innovation in visibility box and how close it.

We also offer our assistance under the " technical unit of customer service " , which can give assistance towards closing machines , performing overhaul Closing machines , production and import of parts for machines close , and technical assistance support .