Lageen Ltd. was founded in 1939 in order to provide its customers with advanced packaging solutions. In 1967, Lageen registered as a limited company, fully owned by Kibbutz Yagur.

In 2007, two divisions were split into subsidiary companies:

Lageen Food Packaging: a company producing tin cans for the leading Israeli food manufacturers.

Lageen Food Packaging produces a variety of tinplate  cans: tin cans for preserved food, tin cans for coffee and tin cans for paint; and also markets bottle cans and containers for oil.

Lageen Tuboplast: a company producing plastic and aluminum tubes and marketing them to the international industries of cosmetics and medicine

Lageen Tuboplast markets its products to more than 10 countries around the world.

Lageen Food Packaging is a knowledgeable company with advanced technological abilities, years of experience and a specific proficiency in the production of complex packaging products. The quality of Lageen's packaging products meets the top standards, as required by the Company's customers, which lead the various Israeli and global food industries.

Lageen is committed to the environment according to international quality requirements. All the material used in the various Lageen divisions is recyclable.

Lageen is committed to its customers in terms of quality, proficiency, credibility and continuous development of personal and business contacts.