Quality and Product Safety

Management views the quality and safety of the products as the central necessity of its existence.

The success of the company depends on this policy, and makes it a leader in packaging.

  1. Lageen is committed to production suited to Customer demands and requirements, using all its resources to ensure product safety and quality.
  2. Each person in the company is responsible to do their utmost to ensure product quality and safety.
  3. Management and employees work hand in hand for constant improvement in quality, processes and service.
  4. The Quality system is based on ISO Standard 9001-2000. Lageen was certified in 2005.
  5. Product safety: Lageen adopted the BRC IoP standard as the basis of product safety.
  6. Personnel safety: Lageen has been certified by the ISO Standard 18001, and is also committed to Environmental  Safety in the Company
  7. The Company is committed to yearly seminars and instruction suited to all its employees.
  8. The Company chooses its Suppliers and Sub Contractors who have relevant certification.
  9. Management determines the production targets and goals regularly, for product quality and safety, minimizing waste and increasing Customer satisfaction. These are set at annually at management reviews, in order to be updated and effective.