Safety on the Production Floor

Adequate safe working environment

Lageen Food Packaging Ltd. Company is obligated to provide the safety and health of employees in the plant , along with concern for the community and environment outside the plant. For this established company management system for managing safety issues and health , together with the management of environmental issues [ We , a can of food packaging , call it : HSE, HES management System - safety , Health , environment ] .
The system established in accordance with the Israeli Standards 18001 ( management of health and safety system ) and 14001 ( environmental management system ) .
Construction of the system allows the company to manage Hbg"s :
  • Identification of health and safety risks to employees and the identification of risks that the plant may cause to the environment ( such as air pollution, water, soil ) .
  • Following the identification of risk assessment activities are carried out of the likelihood and severity of risks followed by control activities and minimizing their definition of treatment and prevention processes in a consistent and systematic .
  • The Company's management sets new destinations each year in Hbg"s aim for continuous improvement , reducing the number of accidents in the plant and to reduce possible damage to the environment.
  • Within the context of a Hbg"s also reviewed relevant laws and standards and assess their suitability for the Decanter food packaging requirements of the law .
  • Among the actions in one factory :
    • Annual training for all employees regarding HSE, HES ; special training for working at height, forklifts , mechanics . Tutorials special issue of hazardous materials ( mainly working with paints and varnishes ) and to the cycle.
    • There is a strict use of protective equipment .
    • Dedicated containers have been introduced to separate recyclable waste .
    • Procedures have been introduced to regulate the safety of contractors working in the plant .
Management System Standards referred Hbg"s framework raises the issue of environmental safety and a can of food packaging levels prevailing in the West.
System Hbg"s surveyed annually by review of the Standards Institution . Standards Institute approval to Hbg"s proves that the organization is taking the necessary measures to realize the commitment to employees and community , and promises to customers and stakeholders that the organization puts the concern for safety and health of its workers and save the environment a high priority.