Environmental Safety

Lageen Food Packaging's EH&S Policy

Lageen, as a leading manufacturer in the packaging industry, is committed to the safety and health of the employees and to protecting the environment. 

  1. Lageen Food Packaging works toward maximum safety with no incidents, as well as toward protecting the environment. The Company is committed to maintain an EH&S system, adopting and implementing IS 10881, IS 10881 and all applicable law provisions.
  2. The Company surveys the production processes in terms of safety, health and environmental protection and provides infrastructure; resources; means of protection, monitoring and prevention of pollution; and a training system, in order to create a safe, healthy and hygienic working atmosphere and to protect the environment.
  3. The company maintains preventative activity and performs risk surveys in order to eliminate hazards, mitigate risks and prevent both safety and environmental incidents.
  4. Every executive in the organization is committed to and responsible for the safety and health of his or her employees, and every employee is responsible for his or her personal health and safety, the safety of the process for which he or she is responsible and the elimination of safety and environmental hazards and pollutions.
  5. Every employee must report to the EH&S supervisors and to his or her direct superior in the event of an incident, near-miss, hazard and pollution, to allow corrective and preventative activity. Investigation is an important tool for improving the EH&S system.
  6. The management and the employees work together toward continuous improvement of the EH&S system, along with streamlining, recycling and conservation of resources. The executive divisions work toward encouraging and nurturing responsible EH&S conduct.
  7. The Company sets measurable goals for the EH&S system, which are reviewed periodically as part of the management survey and are updated according to need.
  8. The Company works toward developing and nurturing connection and cooperation with the community